Benjamin Barnes

Malkavian Primogen, advisor to Prince of Denver. (DECEASED)


Benjamin Barnes was a drab, boring, corporate deskjockey in his mortal life.  He was a person of limited emotion, and led a fairly boring life.  His sire found him, and wanted to shake things up and force some excitement into his life as a prank, of sorts.

 Unfortunately for his sire, the embrace only exascerbated his condition.  He became completely emotionless, calculating, and obsessively clean and tidy.  He found a place in Camarilla society very quickly with his previous corporate experience.  He quickly rose through the ranks, earning the ire of his sire.

 The prince of Denver has recently taken him on as his personal advisor due to the frequent moments of clarity and foresight that comes natural to the children of Malkav.

Benjamin Barnes

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