Nosferatu Antitribu


Dave has been around a while, but not long by vampire standards.  Although, in his short time as a childe of Caine, he has done more than most vampires his age dream.  He was embraced in Las Vegas, Nevada and worked with the local Sabbat population to battle an ever-increasing Giovanni population.  Eventually helping take the city from them, although losing all of his packmates in the final push.

 Feeling the withdrawl from the broken vaulderie, he left Nevada and moved to Colorado.  He quickly fell into place with a new pack, and his experience in Las Vegas has been an asset to the local Sabbat warparties.

Unfortunately for Dave, his new pack didn't last long.  An assault on a specific Elder went awry, and some vital information was not acquired.  What was supposed to be a sneak attack turned into a slaughter.  Dave narrowly escaped with the help of some surprisingly talented shovelheads.


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