Ventrue prince of Denver


A middle aged man, who wears his years on his face.  Flynt wears a permanent scowl and furrowed brow, and his piercing eyes are like stakes in the hearts of any Kindred in his presence.  He is the reigning prince of Denver, and has been in the city since before it was a city.  He was one of the first vampires in the region, feeding on miners when Denver was a small mining town.  He has fought to rule this domain, and he will not give it up without a fight, even if he has to personally fight every Kindred who vies to usurp his throne.

 His willingness to battle for his territory should not be confused with foolishness.  He is calculating, and will not put himself at a disadvantage.  He will accept losses as temporary inconvenience, and strike back when he has tactical advantages.


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