Peter Novak

Wounded war vet


 Peter should have died due to his injuries, and the only reason he survived was that one of the reservists that was nearby was an ER surgeon and had access to some advanced medical supplies at the supply dump Peter was guarding at the time he was injured.


He is a disabled veteran from the first Iraq war.  Peter was gravely wounded in a mortar attack that left him horribly scarred and missing his left arm.  During rehab he was told multiple times that he should have died, so often in fact that he has taken to thinking he would have been luckier if he had died.  He lives in constant pain, both physical and psychological.  He is addicted to morphine, and was dishonorably discharged for substance abuse. Because of this he does not look favorably on military or other very structured organizations.  Due to the nightmares he has when he sleeps, Peter only sleeps when he has had enough drugs or alcohol to pass out into an unconscious state.  Peter is on the way to Fitzimmons army hospital when the story starts, an annual checkup for his injuries he sustained in Iraq. 

Peter doesn’t have any living family. Mother died of cancer, and was a single mother.  Does not know who his father is.
The extensive rehab that peter went through after he was injured has left him in very good physical shape, aside from his disability.  This has not been impacted by his drug addiction yet, as physical exercise is one of the only ways he is able to dull the pain aside from drugs.
He is a drifter for the most part.  Living in room by the week motels, and moving from city to city.  He is trying to find a place where he feels he belongs now.
Peter barely made it into the military, he almost didn’t pass the ASVAB test, so he isn’t very smart.  Got C’s and D’s in high school, and was mostly a bully since he didn’t have the grades to get on the football team, but he did manage to have enough of a GPA to get on the wrestling team.


Peter Novak

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