Sgt Richard Stanford

Military Sniper


Sgt. Richard (Sarge) Stanford was a long standing marine Scout Sniper having enlisted at 17 and participating in the end of the Vietnam War and has seen combat in many different arenas since then, finishing his career in the opening combat of Operation Desert Shield. During his training in the sniper courses he ranked within the top 1% of snipers showing incredible aptitude in marksmanship and stalking. Stanford has a very detail oriented personality and is cold and calculating. Always working to move forward without being seen, he has well over 37 confirmed kills and many unconfirmed kills.

Since being discharged from the Marines after Operation Dessert Storm, Sgt. Stanford spent his time moving around the country with no real place to call home. He has had a hard time fitting in with most normal populations due to his incredible length of isolation. If you can name a small town in the continental US, he’s probably been moved on from there.

Recently Sarge decided to take another trip to Denver for a change of pace, when he got on the bus he found another marine who looked like he’d seen just as many problems as he had since the war, one Peter Novak.

Sgt Richard Stanford

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