Demetrius Murik

Gangrel Primogen (DECEASED)


Demetrius was born in 1890.  His mother died in childbirth.  Around the turn of the century, Demetrius and his father immigrated to America.  His father, an accomplished butcher and game hunter, taught Demetrius his trade.  At the age of 25, Demetrius' father died, and he came to work at a small butcher shop that specialized in exotic, imported game.  The owner took a special interest in Demetrius.  After a short while, the owner introduced him to unlife.

Demetrius has always had an affinity for all animals.  His vampiric state granted him further control over his frequent animal companions.  Traveling around America over the years, he has learned how to survive his own nightly struggles.

After Demetrius came to Colorado, he was asked to take over as Primogen at the request of the Camarilla Prince, Flynt.  He struggles to achieve a "cease-fire" with the werewolf population in the mountain regions of Colorado.

Demetrius Murik

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