A ten-year old homeless boy just trying to survive.


Donnie is young but he knows a lot of things.
People say that life on the street is hard, but that’s just everyday life for Donnie.
People say that it’s hard to grow up without parents, but Donnie never knew his, so it’s just normal.
Donnie might believe the things people tell him, but Donnie knows that there are a lot of people who can’t be trusted … Donnie learned that the hard way.
Donnie knows that some people will be nice to you so that they can get something from you … or take something from you.
Donnie knows that not everyone is like that though and that some people will help you just because they want to … but there aren’t many people like that, so it’s best to be careful.
Donnie knows how to make people want to help him, even if it’s just for a little while.
Donnie knows how to trick people into giving him the things he needs.
Donnie is good and running, because sometimes he makes people mad and he has to get away.
Donnie is even better at hiding, because if you can hide really good, you don’t have to run so much.
Donnie doesn’t use any of the bad stuff some adults use … he tried it and didn’t like it cuz it messes you up and you can’t run or defend yourself.
Donnie has been in some fights. He likes to scratch and bite people cuz that usually surprises them and it hurts them a lot too. Donnie isn’t afraid of the taste of blood cuz he’s bitten plenty of people who tried to hurt him.
Mostly, Donnie knows how to survive.


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